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  • Kerala’s Onam kit distribution is plagued with errors.

The free ration packs will be provided from August 23 to August 26, according to earlier statements from the LDF government. But there were problems with the kits’ supply, and there wasn’t enough payasam mix, among other things.
KOCHI: With only two days remaining until Kerala’s annual Onam celebrations, there have been complaints about the state government’s tardy distribution of the free Onam kits through ration shops.

Even though the distribution was supposed to be finished by Saturday night, “Only 10% of the beneficiaries got the kits from local PDS shops,” a civil supplies department employee claimed.

The supply increased on Sunday, but there were still issues with the operation of the ePOS machines in the morning, he noted.

This year, only recipients of the Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) who possess yellow ration cards are eligible for the free Onam kits. A total of 6,07, 691 kits, including 5.87 lakh AAY recipients, would be delivered this year, according to state government statistics. Additionally, the kits will be distributed to homeless shelters and orphanages around the state. The kits were given out to almost 83 lakh ration card holders the previous year.

GR Anil, the minister of food and civil supplies, declared: “Kits would be handed to all beneficiaries by Monday. Concerns about malfunctioning ePOS devices, BSNL, or Aadhaar authentication have been addressed.

However, the LDF administration was criticized by the leader of the opposition, VD Satheesan, for being unable to provide even six lakh kits.

“The administration first announced that 87 lakh people would receive kits. Six lakh persons were the maximum at that time. However, even 10% of those folks lack the kits. Similar to the KSRTC, the civil supplies corporation is subject to mercy killing. To be paid to the civil supply department is 3400 crore. The cost of the kits that were given out during the pandemic has not even been covered. And when the Chief Minister visits Puthuppally, he declares that Kerala has no inflation. They reside in palaces made of glass. Satheesan advised them to descend to the ground and confront reality.

Source- Hindustan times

Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/complaints-over-slow-distribution-of-free-onam-kits-by-kerala-government-ahead-of-festivities-101693167167920.html


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