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  • CR reinstates the two-year-old practice of stopping long-distance trains at their distant stations.

Twenty long-distance trains will resume stopping at stations in Karjat, Kasara, Panvel, Lonavala, and Kalyan, according to the Central Railway in Mumbai. This will help almost 25,000 people per day. The Covid-19 pandemic caused the cessation of these trains, although it has since been resumed in response to continuous requests from rail passenger organisations. The halt will be offered on an experimental basis for a duration of six months.
Mumbai: The Central Railway (CR) has declared that at least 20 long-distance trains will begin stopping at the stations of Karjat, Kasara, Panvel, Lonavala, and Kalyan. Around 25,000 people are anticipated to benefit everyday from remote locations in Mumbai and the surrounding metropolitan area.

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The CR officials have decided to provide an experimental halt of the long-distance trains for a period of six months following multiple meetings and reminders by rail passenger organisations. These long-distance trains will be useful to those who now have an alternative mode of transportation to locals.

During the Covid-19 epidemic, the long-distance trains were no longer stopped at the aforementioned stations. These halts, however, had not been reinstated even after the train services had resumed for two years.

The reinstatement of these long-distance trains stopping at these stations had been a constant demand of the rail passenger organisations.

We have been meeting with CR officials for the past two years in an effort to reinstate these halts as they were prior to the pandemic. In the past two years, we have met five or six times. The Kalyan Kasara Rail Passengers Association’s president, Jitendra Vishe, said, “We are pleased that the trains have finally stopped at the stations.

“It took them two years before they could comprehend the problems we had. Again congested, the trains are essential for our daily journey, according to Karjat resident Mahesh Patil.

“25,000 people each day will benefit from these trains. These long-distance trains are frequently used by passengers who then get off at Karjat and Kasara to board less packed local trains for their return trip. Residents are pleased with this choice, according to Badlapur resident and train passenger association member Sanjay Mestry.

Source- Hindustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/mumbai-news/after-two-years-cr-restores-halt-of-long-distance-trains-at-their-far-off-stations-101693163616213.html


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