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The Water Resources Department’s Karapuzha, a popular tourist site in the Wayanad region, will shortly undergo renovations, according to The Hindu.

The location would be transformed into a significant tourism hub in the Malabar region, according to a decision made by a tourism management committee led by T. Siddique, MLA.

Siddique promised that a master plan for the destination’s full development would be written soon. The decision was made at the meeting to open the amphitheater at the facility from 6 to 8 p.m. every evening, turning the location into a permanent evening recreation center. Siddique promised that the electrification work needed for the project would soon be finished.

The establishment of a solar boating facility inside the reservoir would expedite the tendering process.

In order to draw more adventure travelers to the location, some of the ugly rides would be removed and new ones would be installed. It was determined to move quickly with the destination’s children’s garden renovations.

Siddique announced that an auction for five sale counters for the garden’s gift stores and virtual reality facility would shortly take place.

The upkeep of the structures inside the garden would be accelerated.

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