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Kerala Hotels Significantly Increase Online Bookings Using STAAH Technology.

Properties in Kerala can now alter the game thanks to STAAH’s Channel Manage and Booking Engine solutions; Online reservations for the Fog Munnar Resort & Spa are up by 40–50%, those for the Krishnavalsam Regency are up by 50%, and those for Hotel Span International are up by 80%.

India: 21 June 2023 God’s own land, Kerala, welcomes travellers from all over the world all year long, so it is crucial for its hotels to meet the ongoing demand head-on and manage their reservations smoothly. With the use of cutting-edge distribution technology solutions like the Channel Manager and Booking Engine, STAAH, a New Zealand-based provider of hospitality solutions, has helped the state’s hotels improve their online bookings by up to 80%.

In 2018, the 37-room, 4-star Hotel Span International (Cochin) used STAAH’s Channel Manager, which led to a remarkable 80% increase in direct online reservations. Jinto Chacko, General Manager of Span International, stated that “STAAH has transformed our booking management process, improved efficiency, reduced errors, and optimised our pricing strategy.”

40 rooms are available at the top-notch, environmentally friendly Fog Munnar Resort. The hotel faced with overbooking during busy times and rate discrepancies that resulted in mistakes and upset clients. “Managing numerous internet distribution channels was getting to be a daunting undertaking, but STAAH made it all run smoothly. Through a single interface, we were able to seamlessly link all of our booking channels, including OTAs and direct booking websites. According to Praveen Menon, general manager of The Fog Munnar Resorts & Spa, “our bookings are up by 40–50%.

There are 40 rooms available at the Krishnavalsam Regency, which is close to the well-known Guruvayoor shrine. The hotel was able to record a 40% increase in direct online bookings thanks to STAAH’s Channel Manager and Booking Engine. “STAAH has made it easy for us to manage our online distribution because of its seamless integration and real-time updates. We can effectively track critical data and optimise our pricing plans, according to Binu Nair, general manager of Krishnavalsam Regency.

The Misty Range Resorts, which spans three acres in the lush misty hills of Marayoor, now has 10 rooms but is planning to increase that number to 20 this year. Prem Kumar, General Manager of Misty Range Resorts, exclaimed, “STAAH has been a game changer for us!”

“STAAH’s success stories in Kerala demonstrate the power of a strong direct booking system as a sales and distribution channel that has a direct influence on the bottom line. To remain relevant in the rapidly changing digital world, hotels need trustworthy and cutting-edge technology partners like STAAH, according to Shoaib Ali, National Sales Head-India.
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