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While stressing the significance of India’s G20 Presidency, M. R. Synrem, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, stated that the Indian travel and tourism sector is providing an unmatched chance to exhibit its tourism offers and success stories on the international stage. He continued, “Key themes including sustainable development, digitalization, and promotion of inclusive growth were the emphasis of the Tourism Track discussions under the G20.

According to Synrem, who spoke at the “FICCI’s 5th Digital Travel, Hospitality & Innovation Summit 2023,” the Ministry of Tourism is focusing on many key sectors that have been designated as priorities, with a strong emphasis on digitalization. “Atmanirbhar Bharat is using technology to empower our businesses, and one of the efforts is the National Integrated Database of the Hospitality Industry (NIDHI). “NIDHI” is not only a database; it has the potential to open up a lot of doors to opportunities in the hospitality sector.

Synrem stated that the Ministry is creating venues for personalization and traveler participation while discussing government programs. “Today, we can collect and analyze data using digital technology to create individualized experiences. To address visitors’ worries about safety and security, the Ministry will soon launch a number of new initiatives with the support of the current helpline number, “1363.” In the travel and tourist sector, we are attempting to go digital, he said.

After COVID, according to Synrem, India adopted technology in practically every industry. The travel and tourism business has been completely transformed by digital technology and innovation, which has a number of advantages and improves the whole trip experience, the author continued.

The digital transformation journey is not an option but rather a need in this dynamic world characterised by unparalleled technology breakthroughs, according to Dipak Deva, Chairperson of the FICCI Tourism & Culture Committee and MD of Travel Corporation of India Ltd. “In this context, the travel and hospitality industry where the experience is everything, this transformation is especially critical,” he emphasized.


The travel business is an extended arm of and the largest segment of the e-commerce sector, according to Ashish Kumar, Co-Chairperson, FICCI Travel Technology & Digital Committee. It’s critical to realize that nowadays, everyone is a consumer, not just a customer.

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