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In the proposed Ring Road Project, PMRDA provides a five-meter lane for Metro

The Ring Road Project is expected to include 10 tunnels, 17 flyovers, three railway flyovers, and a five-meter lane designated for the metro corridor, according to the draft development project report (DPR).

A five-meter lane has been set aside for the metro corridor in the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority’s (PMRDA) proposed Ring Road Project, which would include a number of contemporary amenities and infrastructural improvements. The 83.12-kilometer projected Ring Road is 65 meters wide and extends that length.

“Considering future development and the growing population, the PMRDA has proposed reserving a five-meter lane for the metro for quick mass transit,” stated Ramdas Jagtap, deputy collector of the PMRDA. This will address the issue of acquiring land for the metro network in the future.

“The Wagholi and Alandi localities will be connected in the first phase of the Ring Road Project, requiring the acquisition of land from Solu, Wadgaon Shinde, and Nirgudi. We have made the district collector an offer to purchase land from these three settlements. The section 11 notification for these villages has been approved by the district collector and will be issued this week. In a few months, we will next start the land survey and acquisition procedure for the six kilometers that separate the villages of Wagholi and Solu. The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has received our no-objection certificate (NOC) for the 5.40-kilometer section through Wagholi and Lohegaon, according to Jagtap.

When the PMRDA originally decided to move on with the development of the Ring Road Project, a 90-meter width and 123.97-kilometer length of road were planned. The Ring Road’s width was reduced from the original 90 meters to the present 65 meters after considerable back and forth to ensure efficient infrastructure utilisation and prevent redundancy. Its original length of 123.97 kilometers was reduced to 83.12 kilometers. After a competitive tendering process, the PMRDA granted the contract to a reputable consultancy firm to prepare a complete report, citing worries about impending obstacles in the acquisition of land and an anticipated increase in expenses. The company then turned forth an early draft report for the Ring Road Project.

“A preliminary report of the new Ring Road Project by the PMRDA has been submitted by the consulting company,” stated Ashok Bhalkar, chief engineer of the engineering department. A road like this is part of the development plan (DP). The moment the DP receives the all-clear, work can start immediately.

The Ring Road Project’s Features

The entire distance is 83.12 km.

Length: 65 meters

Metro has a designated five-meter lane.

Connecting Nagar Road to Satara and Pune

construction of 42 roadways that link to the Ring Road

Plans to purchase land under the TP plan

Route via the talukas of Haveli, Khed, Maval, and Mulshi

Ten tunnels totaling nineteen kilometers in length

Major 17 flyovers

Source- Hindustan times

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