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In Goa, HRAWI organizes a lecture on environment, property, and life safety for the hotel sector

On October 16, 2023, at the charming Resort Marinha Dourada in Arpora, North Goa, the Hotel and Restaurant Association (Western India) (HRAWI) successfully organized a conference titled “Life, Property and Environment Safety for the Hospitality Industry.” The goal of the conference was to thoroughly cover all safety issues, including environmental ones, in lodging facilities and dining establishments. The program taught attendees about the critical safety precautions that must be taken for everyone who is present in hospitality facilities and offered priceless insights. The project demonstrated HRAWI’s dedication to advancing green investments and tourism by looking into different ways to incorporate eco-friendly practices into the sector.

With Ishrat Alam, Asst. Director, India Tourism, Goa Ministry of Tourism, as the Chief Guest, the event featured an impressive speaker lineup. He was accompanied by Hemant Khadse, CEO of East Corp Group, as the Technical Speaker; Menino Proenca, Director of Resort Marinha Dourada, as the Guest of Honour; and Ashok Menon, Former Director, Goa Fire & Emergency Services & National Secretary, Fire & Security Association of India (FSAI), who gave the keynote address.

“Our dedication to safety is the cornerstone of our business in the dynamic hospitality sector. Our commitment goes beyond providing physical security; we are trusted with maintaining public safety and the environment. It’s about creating a sustainable future where life, property, and environmental safety are non-negotiables, not merely about carrying out your ethical commitments. According to Pradeep Shetty, President of HRAWI, “This seminar, the second of its kind in Goa after a successful event in Mumbai, underscores the momentum gathering behind sustainability and green investments in our industry.”

The panel discussion “Luxury to Responsibility: Hospitality’s Journey Towards Safety and Sustainability” was one of the seminar’s standout moments. Industry experts Bharat Kamat, Chairman, IGBC, Goa & Partner, Kamat Infra Tech, Ashok Menon, Devendra Arolkar, Director & Board Member of Mohit Minerals Ltd. & Project Director of Jubliant Hospitality, and Ashok Joshi, Director of Joshi Engineering Consultancy & Chairman of the Indian Plumbing Association, Goa Chapter, were among the panelists.

Understanding our responsibility as safety stewards in Goa’s hospitality industry, we have concentrated our efforts on making sure compliance and safety go hand in hand. After overcoming early obstacles, hotel operators and architects have demonstrated an amazing dedication to following fire safety codes, with an astounding 80% compliance rate. This emphasis on compliance is a result of the realization that earnings are directly impacted by safety. Fire safety is given first priority in our designs, which reflects our constant commitment to compliance as well as the security of our visitors and properties, according to Ashok Menon, National Secretary of the Fire & Security Association of India (FSAI) and a former director of Goa Fire & Emergency Services.

The conference provided valuable insights into the dynamic safety and sustainability landscape of the hospitality industry, equipping attendees with the necessary information to develop secure workplaces in their facilities.

The focus is on the essential topics of our conversation, such as sustainable practices; our green thalis and curries with turmeric as an ingredient represent our eco-friendly and health-conscious way of life in Goa. Our approach to developing green resorts is simple: employ locally, interact with the community, and concentrate on smart and green infrastructure. This lowers operating costs dramatically while simultaneously fostering a community mindset. Bharat Kamat, Chairman, IGBC, Goa & Partner, Kamat Infra Tech, states, “We’re not just creating eco-friendly havens but also contributing to a healthier planet by prioritizing guest satisfaction and ensuring resort owners’ profitability.”

The lecture was also in line with the Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) promise, which calls for making every change in daily life to safeguard the environment and a lifelong commitment to inspiring friends, family, and others to adopt environmentally friendly practices. An international movement spearheaded by India, Mission LiFE seeks to battle climate change, promote sustainable living, and safeguard the environment.

“Let’s pioneer this life-changing trip together. Working together, picking up knowledge, and exchanging best practices, we create the foundation for a thriving future. In order to ensure the well-being of our visitors, properties, and the environment, we’re defining a new age in which safety is not just a top priority but also a fundamental component of our industry’s DNA,” Shetty says.

Source- Travel daily

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