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  • IATA provides the airport location code DXN for Jewar.

Phase one of the airport’s construction will allow it to serve 12 million people annually, and phase four would see that number rise to 70 million.

International Air Transport Association (IATA), a global aviation organization, has given the Noida international greenfield airport, which is being built in Jewar, its own three-letter international code, DXN, according to Christoph Schnellmann, chief executive officer of Noida International Airport (NIA).

Similar to a postal pin code, each airport receives a special identifying code. The first three letters of the city where the airport is located are frequently used as the basis for the three letter codes. For instance, the IATA code for the Delhi airport is DEL. According to NIA authorities, this code will be used, among other things, to designate baggage tags and purchase tickets.

According to Schnellmann, “This (three letter code) is one of the biggest milestones that the Noida International Airport has achieved, and work on the project is progressing as planned.”

The airport’s proximity to Noida, Delhi, and western Uttar Pradesh is symbolized by the code DXN, according to Schnellmann.

According to officials, the code facilitates standardized communication among aviation stakeholders, facilitating efficient operations and reducing errors.This breakthrough has also been referred to as a “big step ahead” by Noida International Airport Limited (NIAL), the Uttar Pradesh government’s official organization to supervise the progress of the airport project. This is because it prepares the way for pacing the work to finish this project on time.

We are happy to announce that Noida International Airport has been given the international three-letter code “DXN” by IATA. According to Arun Vir Singh, chief executive officer of Noida International Airport Limited and the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (Yeida), this is a significant acknowledgement by the international airline body and another significant milestone for the airport project.

The Noida international Airport is anticipated to open before the planned deadline of September 29, 2024, according to officials who have informed the Uttar Pradesh government. The final two floors of the air traffic control facility will be completed soon, according to Schnellmann, who stated that so far four levels have been constructed.

Since this project is still in its early stages, interior construction on the terminal building won’t begin for another three months.

Phase one of the airport’s operation will initially accommodate 12 million passengers yearly; by phase four, that number would rise to 70 million. According to NIA authorities, the first phase will include one 3,900-meter runway with room for 28 aircraft stands and 100,000 air traffic movements each year.

Additionally, a 100,000 square meter passenger terminal would be built, according to NIA authorities.

Source- Hindustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/noida-news/iata-assigns-jewar-airport-location-identifier-dxn-101695839681718.html


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