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  • Due to a revised design, the Noida Skywalk project is likely to miss its schedule.

The skywalk will contain air conditioning, electrical and civil construction, as well as a travelator that will move at.5 meters per second for enhanced communication.

An official stated that the Noida authority’s proposed skywalk project, which would connect Sector 51 Metro station on the Aqua Line in Noida and Sector 52 Metro station in Delhi, is likely to be delayed because the project’s design had to be altered due to the location of the Metro line’s underground cable network. The project work had a deadline for completion in March of this year.

Officials, however, stated that it is unlikely that the project will finish by the deadline because just 45 to 50% of the civil works have been finished so far.

Greater Noida and Noida are connected by the Noida Metro’s Aqua Line. From Sector 51 in Noida to Depot in Greater Noida, it has 21 metro stations. Certain areas of Noida and Delhi are traversed by the Delhi Metro’s Blue line. According to officials, the two Metro lines are not connected, and the nearest stations are more than 400 meters apart.

The skywalk will contain air conditioning, electrical and civil construction, as well as a travelator that will move at a speed of.5 meters per second for greater communication.

The skywalk will be 420 meters long, 5 meters wide, and “L” shaped,” according to a Noida authority official participating in the project. This is because the next site has been given to a private company for commercial purposes.

But as soon as the digging began, we discovered subterranean wiring for a Metro line there. We had to alter the skywalk’s design because it was not feasible to remove the cables, the official stated.

The Noida Authority’s Pankaj Garg, a junior engineer, verified that the skywalk’s design had been modified. He stated, “The skywalk was originally planned with one column and has since been altered to two columns.

According to project authorities, the electrical work, which is expected to cost 15.73 crore, has not yet begun at the project site. They said that they now anticipate the project will be finished by March 2024.

According to officials, a 300-meter-long walkway at the location had to be taken down in order to start building the skywalk, and the e-rickshaw service between the two stations had to be stopped. They added that these actions had temporarily made it difficult for commuters to switch between the two Metro networks.

Source- Hindustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/noida-news/noida-skywalk-project-likely-to-miss-deadline-as-design-is-changed-101695924169101.html


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