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Since the epidemic, two residents of the hill station have been striving to highlight the locals’ hidden talents and the reasons why the tourist destination deserves more than just a salute for its fudge.
Numerous legends from the area surround its beginning. The most exciting part involves trains halting at the hill station at night during colonial times because it was not advisable to travel across the Khandala ghats after dark.

Typically, the cargo on board contained peanuts from Surat and jaggery from Nagpur. According to reports, locals would break in and take the goods, as neither of them were grown nearby. By morning, the peanuts had been crushed, the jaggery had melted, and everything had been combined before being cut into small rectangles. The same “chikki” would be sold to tourists by the locals.

The more believable tale takes place during the construction of the railways from Mumbai to Lonavala, when a sweets store owner had the idea to provide the workers with a healthy snack.
Source- mid day
Link- https://www.mid-day.com/sunday-mid-day/article/lonavala-beyond-chikki-23295438


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