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  • Himachal Pradesh: To escape the sweltering heat, travelers swarm Shimla’s hill regions.

Tourists now travel to Shimla’s hill stations to escape the oppressive heat of the lowlands.

In Shimla, visitors may be seen partaking in desi roadside dishes in addition to touring hill stations with their family and friends.
Traffic in certain areas moves slowly because the majority of tourists are driving their own automobiles. Since the number of visitors to Shimla is already enormous, all parties involved in the tourist industry anticipate a growth in the industry.

Additionally, the hotels in Himachal Pradesh’s hill stations are fully booked with visitors.

Over 72 lakh people visited the area between January and May, according to the director of Himachal Pradesh’s tourism department.
One crore 70 lakh visitors visited us annually before to Covid, but at that time, it was initially 32 lakh and then 57 years. We welcomed 1 crore 51 lakh tourists the previous year. It demonstrates how aggressive marketing and other tactics helped us revitalise tourism in the state. By the end of June, we are expecting a significant footfall after receiving 72 lakh tourists this year during the month of May. Over the most recent weekend, we saw a lot of people. And by June’s end, the number of visitors would be acceptable, according to Amit Kashyap.

He said that additional visitors were anticipated in the area during the month of June.

“Due to the state’s beautiful weather and rising tourist numbers, June is projected to see a rise in visitors to the area. This year’s growth in international visitor arrivals has not yet been seen. The HP Tourism Development Corporation would soon gain from tourism by the end of this year, he said.

“In Manali, we have 100 percent occupancy,” he said. “In Shimla, we have about 70% of people, and on weekends, the occupancy in Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) hotels.

A visitor from Delhi named Shrishti Sahu, though, said this of the tour: “I came here on Saturday, and there are plenty of crowds, costs are expensive, the weather is excellent, and it is a really pleasant experience. I’m from Delhi, where we have air conditioning, and this place is cool.

Instead of staying in Shimla’s capital city, visitors are moving to its outskirts.

“I’m from Punjab, and it’s a great location. I studied in Shimla. We are staying in Kufri since there is such a rush and because visitors are moving to Shimla’s outskirts, according to Punjabi tourist Saloni.

Shimla, a hill town, serves as a second home for vacationers from nearby states who want to spend the summers away from home.

“When we first arrived here three days ago, there was a festival going on, and a lot of people were there. The weather is also extremely nice here. Gaurav, a visitor from Chandigarh, stated, “I came to Shimla most of the time to escape the scorching weather here. We come here and it is pleasant to be here.
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