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An official representative from the Andaman Association of Tour Operators (AATO) attended the much awaited FMITC Tourism Conclave on June 02 at the Hotel Hyatt Regency in Kolkata. The delegation, which was led by AATO President M. Vinod and Joint Secretary Saikat Biswas, had a big influence on the meeting.

The FMITC Tourism Conclave, known as a premier forum for stakeholders, policymakers, and industry experts, centered on the topic “Driving Sustainable Tourism: Exploring New Horizons.” The AATO delegation actively participated in enlightening panel discussions, seminars, and networking events, adding their knowledge and perspectives to the conversation on sustainable tourism practices and the expansion of the tourist sector.

Ujjal Biswas, Minister of Science, Technology, and Biotechnology for the Government of West Bengal, officially opened the event. Other association leaders in attendance were ADTOI President PP Khanna, IATO Vice President Shri.Ravi Gossain, and Chapter Chairman of TAAI.

“We are honored to have been part of the FMITC Tourism Conclave,” said Vinod, president of AATO, in a statement expressing his excitement for the occasion. We were able to share thoughts, create lasting contacts, and advance initiatives to promote sustainable tourism in India at this esteemed conference. We think that for our sector to prosper and expand, responsible tourism practices are crucial.

“The FMITC Tourism Conclave provided an excellent platform for us to highlight the unique tourism offerings of the Andaman Islands,” continued Saikat Biswas, Joint Secretary of AATO. We demonstrated our dedication to eco-friendly procedures, neighborhood involvement, and protecting our natural heritage. It was a wonderful chance to get knowledge from subject matter experts and work together with like-minded professionals to advance the tourist business.

The AATO delegation actively engaged in discussions about the value of responsible tourism, how technology is being incorporated into the sector, and methods for improving the guest experience. Their insightful opinions and significant contributions exemplified AATO’s commitment to raising service standards and fostering ethical travel habits in the Andaman Islands.

The FMITC tourist Conclave gave AATO a fantastic opportunity to expand its network, encourage partnerships with business partners, and look into new possibilities for the growth of the Andaman tourist industry. The group is still dedicated to advancing environmentally friendly tourism strategies and elevating the Andaman Islands as a top international vacation destination.

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