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Gurugram will make five congested highways one-way

The one-way system will be tested on Saturday, according to police, and depending on how well it works to reduce congestion, it may be made permanent.

In order to ease congestion and promote smooth vehicle flow, at least five congested sections of road in Gurugram would be rendered one-way beginning on Saturday, the traffic police in Gurugram announced on Friday.

As wrong-side driving is common during peak hours at these five sites, the stretches of road from Rajiv Chowk to Sohna Chowk, Gurdwara Road, Aggarwal Dharamshala Chowk, Mor Chowk, and Sethi Chowk will be made one-way to provide some relief from congestion.

The indicated sections are constrained and bordered by hawkers on both sides. All five of these portions, according to the police, contain two-way carriageways with bidirectional traffic. These stretches are thought to be used daily by more than 50,000 vehicles, they claimed.

The one-way system will be tested on Saturday, according to Virender Vij, deputy commissioner of police (traffic), and depending on how well it works, it may be made permanent to clear congestion. “We have decided to make changes to resolve the growing traffic congestion so that commuters can move on roads smoothly,” he declared.

According to Vij, travelers heading from Rajiv Chowk to the bus terminal will turn left from Sohna Chowk rather than taking a right turn from Jail Chowk.

Instead of turning left from Aggarwal Chowk via Mor Chowk to Jail Chowk towards Rajiv Chowk, those traveling from Sadar Market towards Rajiv Chowk will be required to turn left at Sohna Chowk. One of Old Gurugram’s most crowded sections, according to the police, is this one.

Similarly, drivers heading from Patel Nagar (Sector 15) to Sadar Bazar won’t turn right at Mor Chowk and go directly to Sadar Bazar; instead, they will pass through Jail Chowk and Sethi Chowk (Sector 4).

Sector 12 resident Jatin Chachra claimed that traveling through these portions during rush hour is a nightmare. One cannot travel these stretches in a four-wheeler because the roads are encroached upon from both sides. Due to this, residents of Old Gurugram favor two-wheelers; nevertheless, the new one-way design will alleviate the congestion problem, he claimed.

According to DCP Vij, they are currently determining which other regions require such decongestion efforts. According to a study on commuter needs, traffic volume, and type, specific plans are being prepared for each of these places, he said.

35 internal roads were surveyed by traffic police and road safety officers (RSOs) in May with the goal of making them one-way to improve traffic flow and relieve congestion. Traffic police began testing the suggested improvements on a 1.5 km stretch near Apparel House in Sector 44, one of the busiest locations in the city with over 200 enterprises, as part of the survey to evaluate the road network and vehicular demand on important portions.

Source- Hindustan times

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