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The member states of the European Union recently reached an agreement to digitise the Schengen visa issuance process. Once implemented, it is anticipated that the change will streamline the entire visa application procedure and increase traveller safety.

After digitization, applicants will make fewer trips to consulates and visa offices, and the practise of affixing visa stamps to passports will be eliminated. It is also anticipated that the decision will eradicate visa sticker tampering and theft.

Once the digitization process is implemented, travellers can register for Schengen visas online. However, first-time applicants and travellers with invalid biometric information must appear in person at visa offices or consulates. Others can submit the necessary information and documents online. The visa processing fees may also be remitted via the Internet.

If an applicant is travelling to more than one Schengen country, the online platform will select the consulate through which the visa should be applied based on the country in which the voyager spends the most time. There is an option during the visa application process to select the consulate through which the application will be submitted. Except for Cyprus, Ireland, Bulgaria, and Romania, travellers with a Schengen visa can travel to all European Union countries.

Link- https://www.onmanorama.com/travel/travel-news/2023/06/29/schengen-visa-european-union-digitization.amp.html


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