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  • Emirates is going paperless, so boarding permits for aircraft leaving Dubai will no longer be issued on paper.

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Emirates is going paperless, so boarding permits for aircraft leaving Dubai will no longer be issued on paper.
From now on, most travellers leaving Dubai will need to utilise a mobile boarding pass instead of a printed paper one, as part of Emirates’ initiative to provide consumers with the ease and security of digitally enabled travel itineraries.

Mobile boarding passes will be sent through email or text message to passengers that check in at Terminal 3. Online check-in allows passengers to save their boarding card to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, or to access it via the straightforward Emirates app. Passengers can access their checked-in luggage receipt through email or the Emirates mobile app.

Passengers leaving Dubai will have an easier, faster, and more environmentally friendly digital check-in experience thanks to this programme. Passengers may rest easy knowing their boarding cards won’t get lost in transit.

You can use your smartphone boarding pass in Dubai Duty Free, at airport security, and at the gate all in one seamless experience. As passengers make their way through the airport and aboard the plane, Emirates agents and airport officials will simply scan the QR code on the smartphone boarding ticket.

travellers travelling with infants, unaccompanied minors, travellers requiring special help, passengers with onward flights on other airlines, and all passengers heading to the United States may still be required to print a physical boarding pass.

If passengers do not have a mobile device, or if they are unable to access the information on their devices due to a lack of battery life, a system breakdown or glitch, a message delivery delay, or an inability to access WIFI, network, or a data package, they can request that Emirates agents at check-in counters print them boarding passes.

Millions of passengers on Emirates have already benefited from the airline’s digitally enabled flights. Passengers who use the Emirates app can check in and manage their itineraries with the tap of a finger, browse digital menus ahead of time, and save time by syncing their favourite films, TV shows, and music playlists with their device the moment they board the plane.

Biometric travel in Dubai is quick and easy.

Registered travellers at Dubai International Airport may now enjoy a streamlined travel experience thanks to the airport’s biometric machines and smart gates.

To avoid the long lines at Immigration every time they travel to Dubai, UAE citizens can sign up to use the Smart Gates in Emirates Terminal 3. Passing through the Smart Gates requires a biometric passport for GCC nationals or tourists qualified for visa on arrival, while UAE citizens and residents can use a passport, boarding pass, or valid UAE ID.


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