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  • Eight foot over bridges will be built in Greater Noida after five years of demand

Three additional FOBs have been slated for Greater Noida West, in addition to the five FOBs planned for Greater Noida, they added.

The absence of foot-over bridges (FOBs) in Greater Noida for a long time is about to change, according to authorities who are aware of the situation. On Tuesday, the Greater Noida administration started accepting bids for the building of at least eight FOBs across the city.

Three additional FOBs have been slated for Greater Noida West, in addition to the five FOBs planned for Greater Noida.

“Tuesday saw the announcement of the FOB build-operate-transfer (BOT) contract model tenders. Following talks between Authority officials and locals, the RITES (Rail India Technical and Economic Service) survey results as well as the public’s demand were taken into consideration when choosing the locations for the FOBs. The places were chosen with input from the traffic police as well, according to Amandeep Duli, the Greater Noida authority’s additional chief executive officer.

The Collectorate office in Surajpur, the Omega Shopping Complex in Omega 1, the Kailash Hospital in Knowledge Park-1, the Apeejay International School in Knowledge Park-3, the Ek Murti roundabout in Sector 16B, the Nirala Estate Township and the Artha SEZ in Techzone-4, the Supertech Eco Village and the Yatharth Super Speciality Hospital in Sector 1 of Greater Noida are among the FOB locations that have been identified.

The lack of FOBs in Greater Noida now puts pedestrians’ safety at risk because they must cross busy roadways without adequate infrastructure. In addition to putting pedestrians in danger, the scenario also makes traffic more congested.

According to Manish Kumar, a resident of Supertech Ecovillage-1, “The demand for FOBs has been an ongoing concern for residents, with appeals to the authority for this basic amenity spanning several years.”

citizens have been trying to obtain FOBs for five years, according to Harinder Bhati of the Active Citizen Team, a volunteer group of citizens, and their most recent request was made to authority officials in July 2022.

“For the past five years, we have written to the Greater Noida administration requesting that they provide residents with the fundamental convenience of a FOB, but so far, nothing has been done. On July 26 of this year, we most recently brought up the demand with the authority officials, stated Bhati.

Residents are now hoping that the FOBs will prove useful for city pedestrians. However, the administration has previously launched tenders for construction of FOBs without receiving any interest.

Data on the Uttar Pradesh government’s e-tender website indicates that between August 2021 and December 2022, the authority issued eight tenders for FOBs in Greater Noida.

The current adjustments to the FOB construction tenders are meant to improve the contracts’ appeal to bidders, as earlier FOB construction tenders had failed to do so.

“Now that the regulations of the tender have been modified, we hope to receive some offers by making it more profitable for the suppliers. For instance, previously, 15-year licenses were the subject of floated tenders; the time frame has since been extended to 20 years. “The maintenance period after construction will be 20 years, and the project design and construction period will be 12 months from the date of the contract,” he stated.

Source- Hindustan timeless


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