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  • Dwarka Expressway will be connected to the AIIMS cancer hospital in Jhajjar via a six-lane road.

According to officials, locals now have to use the clogged road from Basai to Badli to get to the cancer hospital, therefore there was a need for an alternative route.
The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) established the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Bhadsa, Jhajjar, and to improve connectivity between Gurugram and the facility, the public works department (B&R) has started work on a 9 km long road that will link the hospital to Sector 102’s Upper Dwarka Expressway.

From Sector 99 to Sector 114 and then on to Najafgarh Road in Delhi, close to Chawla, the Upper Dwarka Expressway runs parallel to the Dwarka Expressway. In order to offer seamless communication between the NCI-AIIMS campus, Gurugram, and Delhi, officials indicated that this route will also be connected to the Dwarka Expressway.

According to officials, locals presently have to use the road from Basai to Badli in order to get to the cancer hospital, but because of that road’s low width, there is a lot of traffic on that route.

The 9km long, six-lane road will be constructed after property is acquired, in accordance with the PWD’s plan, through the e-bhoomi site. According to officials, the proposed carriageway will be 100 meters wide with a right-of-way of 45 meters and a center verge.

Around 76% of the landowners in the six villages where the project is located have agreed to donate their land, according to PWD officials, who added that the next step will be to begin a discussion with the landowners and figure out the cost per acre for acquiring the land. The project will require about 102.33 acres.

a PWD officer who declined to give their identity. Those six villages—Bhadsa, Iqbalpur, Mankdola, Budhera, Dhankot, and Kherki Majra—will be asked to provide the said land.

The department has estimated spending for this project at 272.14 crore, of which 206.75 crore will be used for land acquisition and 65.39 crore for road building.

According to a brief notice created by the PWD, 17.5 acres from the village of Khedki Majra, 13.37 acres from Dhankot, 24.02 acres from Budhera, 35.6 acres from Mankdola, 6.6 acres from Iqbalpur, and 5.24 acres from the village of Badhsa will be purchased for the construction via the e-bhoomi site.

“The process of getting consent from the land owners of these villages is under progress through aggregator,” the document continued. On the portal, the approval for 78.18 acres has been posted. A plan for realignment was sent to the government and accepted in order to improve connectivity at the Sector 102 intersection with the Dwarka Expressway.

This alternate connection road will also be beneficial to the many commuters who currently use the congested Najafgarh road to go between Badli, Najafgarh, Gurugram, and Delhi. “As a substitute for the Najafgarh route, this road will benefit commuters from a variety of neighborhoods in addition to cancer patients. It will assist several communities around this route, according to Pravin Malik, head of the Sare Home Residents’ Welfare Association.

The National Cancer Institute-AIIMS in Jhajjar will soon be connected to the Delhi Indira Gandhi International airport through the Dwarka Expressway, according to Haryana Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal, who made the announcement earlier this month. He had stated that the development of a greenfield corridor would advance this initiative.

The hospital site should be transformed into a miniature city that will accommodate all visitor needs and have amenities like stores, schools, and other institutions, according to Kaushal’s request.

Source- Hindustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/gurugram-news/six-lane-road-to-connect-dwarka-expressway-with-aiims-cancer-hospital-in-jhajjar-101695234859611.html


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