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The Delhi High Court stopped Go First from continuing with maintenance flights by stating that planned maintenance cannot be used as justification for aircraft flying.

The High Court stated in its ruling that the resolution professional (RP) chosen under the insolvency law to run the airline had not been able to demonstrate any urgency or serious threat that would have justified causing the aircraft to perform maintenance flights without prior notification.

The petitioner’s lessor’s aircraft will continue to be handled for non-revenue flights according to the current orders until further notice.

The top court dismissed as “misconceived” the RP’s claim that two of the ten planes were flown by Go Airlines because they were handling flights included in an aircraft’s planned repair.

“The respondent no.9/RP of Go Airlines has also been unable to demonstrate any urgency or serious imminence of a threat to these aircraft in order to unexpectedly and without prior notice, compel the respondent no.9 RP to fly these aircraft.

“At first glance, the word “planned maintenance” cannot be interpreted to mean operating the aircraft, even for non-commercial purposes. Therefore, respondent no. 9/RP of Go Airlines cannot be allowed to continue with these handling/maintenance flights at this time, said Justice Ganju.

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