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The national highway connecting Mumbai and Ahmedabad will be enlarged and concretized; work is scheduled to start in a month, according to Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari. Along with other development projects, Gadkari approved ₹600 crore for road renovations in the Vasai-Virar region.

Delhi: Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari announced on Friday that the 121-km Mumbai-Ahmedabad national highway would be enlarged and concretized in an attempt to make traveling easier for passengers. Gadkari stated that the work on it would start in a month. Potholes and other signs of wear and tear are much less common on concrete roads, which are also safe and long-lasting.

Gadkari was at Virar for the Vasai Janata Sahakari Bank’s golden jubilee festivities. President of the Bahujan Vikas Aghadi (BVA) and MLA Hitendra Thakur were there when Gadkari announced that ₹600 crore would be approved for the rehabilitation of road works in the pothole-prone Vasai-Virar area.

According to Gadkari, the 110 km national highway between Dahisar and Talasari will be extended from its current eight lanes to twelve lanes. In addition, he announced the concretization of the highways connecting the region’s five major centers to the national highway as well as the construction of a 40-kilometer ring road inside the corporation limits.

Gadkari was at Vasai-Virar for an event that MLA Hitendra Thakur of Vasai organized. The event was also attended by past VVMC mayors Pravin Shetty, Rajeev Patil, and Narayan Mankar, as well as MLAs Kshitiij Thakur of Nallasopara and Rajesh Patil of Boisar.

“Vasai-Virar’s population is growing quickly. The outcome is an increase in vehicle traffic as well. In addition, the traffic on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route has increased significantly. In light of this, we have requested that all projects be finished as soon as possible,” Hitendra Thakur stated.

At last, our endeavors have paid off, as Gadkari has promptly approved a ₹600 crore money for the construction of roads in the area. In addition, Thakur stated, “We will bring huge funds for other Vasai-Virar projects during our visit to Delhi. Work on the said projects would begin in a month.” Once these developments are finished, Vasai taluka will develop more quickly.

The estimated cost of building the highway connecting Delhi and Mumbai is ₹1 lakh crore. According to Gadkari, the first phase will not go to Uran but rather to Vasai-Virar, allowing residents to connect all the way to Nariman Point.

Demanded projects for twin cities

– The concretization of five important routes, Virar-Arnala, Nalasopara-Nirmal, Gokhivare-Navghar to Vasai village, Sativali to Gokhivare, and Bapane-Umela-Papadi, that connect significant towns in the municipal areas with the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway

– Building a 40-meter-wide ring road to connect the Vasai-Virar Municipal Area’s four largest cities

– Construction of a 40-meter-wide road on the Samriddhi Highway connecting Ghoti in Shahapur Taluka to Maswan, close to Manor, on the Mumbai-Vadodara Expressway

– In the municipal territory, there are 12 pedestrian bridges and five railway overbridges.

– An underpass and pedestrian bridge across the Mumbai–Ahmedabad highway

– Building of the Palghar district’s primary coastline road bridge. In addition to other important recommendations, there is a rising need to address the area’s traffic issues and develop 12 additional railway stations at various intersections, as well as five flyovers between Virar and Nalasopara.

Source- Hindustan times


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