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Despite the transport department’s consent, the plan to allow auto rickshaws have their own stands beneath metro stations in Mumbai has not been put into action. The absence of signage, boards, and fare charts at the stands has drawn criticism from unions. Before deciding on long-term plans, the demand for various routes will be evaluated after the stands are in place. Mumbai commuters in the western suburbs will benefit from the stands.

Since the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Transport Authority (MMRTA), a division of the state transportation department, approved the idea of designated spaces for auto rickshaws beneath metro stations 45 days ago, the decision has only been documented on paper.

The unions have brought up the issue with the transport department, stating that although they are prepared to operate auto rickshaws, there is currently no infrastructure. Four to six cars each stand will be waiting for passengers.

We have been requesting fare charts as well as a board and sign advertising these shared auto rickshaw locations. Even after several days, nothing is in place. We will be able to assess the viability of each of these metro stations from a location perspective once these stands are installed. Leader of the autorickshaw union Thampy Kurien remarked, “We will also measure whether these shared autos are affecting vehicular traffic movement.”

The MMRTA authorized shared auto-taxi stands outside of 28 suburban metro stations in mid-September to offer passengers smooth last-mile connectivity. Metro lines 7 and 2A, which connect Andheri (W)-Dahisar and Dahisar (E)-Gundavali, pass through these stations.

Source- Hindustan times


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