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  • At the moment, Indian tourists make up the majority of Sentosa’s international visitors.

To break into the Tier-II and III markets, we are collaborating with the appropriate parties. According to Chin Sak Hin, Assistant Chief Executive & CFO, Sentosa Development Corporation, in an exclusive interview with Prasenjit Chakraborty, “the cities with direct air connectivity to Singapore are on our radar.”

Why are you here, and how do you hope to spread the word about Sentosa in India?

I’ll admit that this trip serves two purposes. I recently signed an MoU with SOTC and Thomas Cook (India). This is in an effort to promote Sentosa with them. In addition, I want to thank our corporate clients and partners. We really appreciate the support we have been getting over the years.

Can you provide further details on the agreement you reached with Thomas Cook (India) and SOTC? How would it benefit you?

Together, we will create travel goods for Sentosa and distribute them specifically to Tier-II and Tier-III cities. They are a well-rounded travel company that specialises in MICE and corporate travel.

The travel sector has seen numerous changes thanks to Q.Covid. How, then, has Sentosa altered since the lockdown?

I believe Covid has done a great job of reminding us of how crucial cleanliness, security, and safety are. Even in the pre-Covid era, we made an effort to provide (hygiene, safety, and security). However, I believe that Covid has further reinforced the significance of them. Our digital journey has advanced quickly amid a time of little physical interaction. People are more aware of their own health and may cover up if they are feeling unwell. Correspondingly, we have continued with the cleaning regime that we have put in place since Covid.

What kind of itinerary do Indians like for Sentosa? Are you creating any special itineraries just for passengers from India?

Families frequently visit Sentosa to enjoy the attractions, therefore we already have itineraries that are suitable for them. We have attractions like Sentosa Cable car, Skyline Luge Singapore, and Universal Studios Singapore, among others. The family are therefore quite familiar with all of this.

We genuinely think we have a lot more to offer our visitors. We provide a wide range of items that are appropriate for young adults, couples, and people who are engaged or intend to be married. They can relax at our lovely beaches, beach clubs, and beach eateries. The Shangri-La Group, one of our partners, just created their first lifestyle district that is not a hotel. That is called the Palawan @ Sentosa. It has a range of activities from electric go-karting to beach cabanas to water play areas for the whole family. There is also Ultra-golf which is the only 18-hole mini golf in Singapore. And the Palawan Food Trucks is a unique food truck cluster with 10 food trucks. In the upcoming months, we will be opening up Tipsy Unicorn Beach Club, which is run by the Tipsy Collective group in Singapore. They run various F&B operations in Singapore. Tipsy Unicorn is 19,000 square feet of beach club, pools, and restaurants and it has a 5,000 square feet space for MICE events. So, it is a kind of a lifestyle club.

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