You are currently viewing As the CBL season begins in three days, the future of two clubs is uncertain.

As the CBL season begins in three days, the future of two clubs is uncertain.

There are still questions over two clubs’ eligibility, and the CBL season will officially begin in three days on August 12 with the Nehru Trophy Boat Race. The future of Punnamada Boat Club and Vembanad Boat Club, which had contracts with boats that did not meet the requirements to be a part of the CBL, is still up in the air. Boats that are eligible for the CBL may still compete in the tournament if the clubs can come to an agreement with them before this evening.

If not, this year’s competition for the coveted trophy would only feature seven teams. Kaarichal and Ayaparambu Pandi would most likely no longer be eligible as a result of lending their boats to the ineligible clubs.

While Vembanad Boat Club partnered with Cheruthana chundan, Punnamada Boat Club had a contract with Devas chundan (a snake boat). The clubs had agreed to make use of these boats for both the CBL’s remaining games and the Nehru Trophy Boat Race. However, Kaarichal and Ayaparambu Pandi boats had decided to participate in the Nehru Trophy solely for their registered clubs.The Lourdes Matha Boat Club registered Ayaparambu Pandi whereas the Village Boat Club Kainakary registered Kaarichal as their boat for the Nehru Trophy. The Punnamada and Vembanad boat clubs are unable to participate in the race on any of the boats that are eligible for CBL competition because such boats are already reserved by other clubs.

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