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  • An H-1B visa hiring bill for foreign healthcare professionals has been introduced in the US

A bill intending to employ foreign healthcare workers on H-1B visas to assist the US Department of Veteran Affairs in meeting patient medical needs has been introduced.
The ‘Expanding Health Care Providers for Veterans Act’ was presented on Wednesday by Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Delia Ramirez.

The legislation would make it simpler for VA (veteran affairs) and State Veterans Homes to employ foreign workers on H1-B visas when they are unable to identify a qualified applicant in the United States if it were to become law.

The Department of Veterans Affairs and State Veterans Homes are designated as cap exempt institutions for the purposes of the H1-B visa programme by the bill.

“Our district knows firsthand the importance of providing access to care, especially mental health services, for veterans who need it the most,” Tlaib said. “Our veterans deserve high-quality healthcare.”

She stated, “We must do more to ensure that every veteran has the support they need to live healthy lives. We cannot simply express our gratitude to our veterans for their service to our country.”

Talib stated, “I am delighted to introduce this legislation to increase healthcare providers for our veterans by allowing health professionals who are immigrants to care for them. I will continue to ensure that our heroes are not forgotten when they return home.




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