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The Union Ministry of Civil Aviation received a status report on the airport from Noida International Airport Limited (NIAL) on Monday during a review meeting in Delhi.

By the end of December, the air traffic control facility at Noida International Airport in Jewar is expected to be completed and turned over to the Indian airport authorities, according to officials knowledgeable of the process. It is planned for the project to be completed by September 29, 2023 or 24.

The union ministry of civil aviation received a status report on the airport from Noida International Airport Limited (NIAL) on Monday during a review meeting in Delhi. General VK Singh (retired), Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation, NIAL CEO Arun Vir Singh, and others were present at the meeting.

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The ATC building will be turned over to the Airport Authority of India by the end of December, we told the minister as we updated him on the status of the airport project at Jewar. Before the testing start in January or February of next year, they will be able to install the essential equipment thanks to this. We gave the minister and other officials our assurance that the project is moving along according to plan, said CEO Singh.The ATC building currently has six of its eight storeys done, and the next two floors will be completed by December before being turned over to the Airport Authority of India.

To prevent construction from being hampered during the impending holiday season, NIAL has instructed the concessionaire to prepare alternative labor arrangements.

“We talked about how the monsoon and other technical problems were the main reasons why the financial improvement in the July–August period fell short of expectations during the review meeting. According to Singh, we have urged the officials to make sure that the airport project is moving along according to plan.

For the impending Diwali and Chhat festivals, when many workers take extended vacations in their hometowns, NIAL informed the ministry that the concessionaire has arranged for at least 1,000 extra laborers and staff.

The concessionaire has prepared alternative arrangements because there are already at least 7,200 individuals working at the site and we expect that about 1,000 of them may take a vacation, Singh continued.

Additionally, according to NIAL representatives, 72% of the runway construction at Noida International Greenfield Airport in Jewar has been finished.

Zurich International AG had been chosen by NIAL to develop the airport on 5000 hectares. In order to build the airport, the Swiss business established Yamuna International Airport Private Limited (YIAPL) as a special purpose vehicle. On June 4, the YIAPL chose Tata Projects Limited from a shortlist of three firms to serve as its engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor. According to officials, Tata Projects Limited began construction on the greenfield airport on June 24 after hiring Navkar Global Group to build the runway and parking area.

When Phase I of the airport is finished, it will have a capacity for 12 million passengers per year, while Phase IV will have a capacity of 70 million. Phase I’s 3,900-meter runway will have 28 aircraft stands and be able to accommodate 100,000 air traffic movements annually. In addition, a 100,000 square meter passenger terminal will be built.

Source- Hindustan times


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