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  • Airport in Jewar holds a Bhoomi Pujan for the “largest” aviation freight terminal in the nation.

According to a spokeswoman, the cutting-edge multi-modal cargo hub aims to offer intelligent, frictionless, scalable, and secure solutions to the Indian air cargo and logistics supply chain sector.

According to a UP government official, AISATS Noida Cargo Terminal Private Limited and its special purpose vehicle (SPV) performed Bhoomi Pujan on Friday for its state-of-the-art multi-modal cargo hub at the Noida International Airport that is currently under construction in Jewar.

Air India and SATS (Singapore Airport Terminal Services) have partnered to form AISATS. According to the spokesman, the cutting-edge multi-modal cargo hub would offer smart, frictionless, scalable, and secure solutions to the Indian air cargo and logistics supply chain sector.

According to the spokesman, the cargo terminal is being built on 37 acres and will be larger and more capable than any terminals that have already been built. This project will also greatly increase exports from the entire UP.

Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, is building his dream project, an integrated freight terminal and logistics park, at the airport. According to a statement from the government, the facility will be crucial in tying up the ASEAN region and the projected India-UAE-Europe Economic Corridor.

At the Global Investors Summit in February of this year, the firm and the state government signed two MoUs worth 5,000 crore each. One of them is for a logistics park, and the other is for an integrated cargo liner. The business has finished the Bhoomi Pujan for its air cargo project, marking a significant advancement.

A total of 1,200 crore would be invested by the company in the first phase, of which 456 crore have already been made. The business wants to have this multi-modal cargo hub finished in time for Noida International Airport to open. The Noida International Airport and the multi-modal cargo hub are both anticipated to open in 2024. According to the spokeswoman, senior representatives from AISATS, YIAPL, and Tata Projects attended the Bhoomi Pujan.

It will make it easier for UP’s agromarket, ODOP, and MSME marketplaces to connect with the international market. This breakthrough will make it simple for those outside the area to order things. Additionally, the ASEAN nations will profit from this and will be able to import goods by air cargo from the UP market.

Additionally, there will be significant benefits from building the economic corridor that connects India, the United Arab Emirates, and Europe. In order to improve Uttar Pradesh’s connectivity with both the UAE and Europe, this corridor would be crucial. The cargo terminal will, to put it simply, act as a catalyst for Uttar Pradesh’s growth, fundamentally changing the state’s status from one of landlocked development to one of diverse development. Its beneficial effects would spread to nearby areas including North India, East India, and East Asia.

Source- Hindustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/lucknow-news/bhoomi-pujan-held-for-country-s-largest-air-cargo-terminal-at-jewar-airport-101696015305434.html


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