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According to Mukesh Meshram, the tourism secretary, 100 historic forts and “havelis” in Uttar Pradesh have been recognized as potential locations for destination weddings.
Agra:: With Uttar Pradesh’s reputation rapidly shifting, efforts were being made to turn it into a popular wedding destination state. In order to do this, 100 historic forts and “havelis” across the state were being considered as potential locations for destination weddings, according to Mukesh Meshram, director general of the UP tourist department and secretary for tourism and culture in Uttar Pradesh.

In collaboration with the UP ministry of culture and tourism, the Wedding Industries Association of Uttar Pradesh organized a “Wedding Conclave” here on Saturday evening.

“The perception of Uttar Pradesh has improved on a worldwide scale. Many of the districts in Uttar Pradesh are growing into important tourism destinations, not just one or two. When it comes to the social element, there is a connection between tourism and weddings, said Meshram.

The first Wedding Conclave in Agra is a step in the right direction. “As a result, we have identified at least 100 historic forts and ‘havelis’ to be developed as sites for destination weddings in UP. The state’s various districts all have significant spiritual and cultural legacies, he continued.

“Due to improved connectivity between the state’s districts, more than 32 crore tourists visit UP each year. The rural areas of the Agra and Mathura districts are attracting attention as potential wedding locations. 18 of the 24 Jain ‘Teerthankars’ have places connected to them in UP, according to Meshram.

“We have increased the state’s subsidy for hotel construction, and Agra, with its extensive network of hotels, may serve as a perfect center for destination weddings. According to him, efforts are being made to transform Uttar Pradesh into a place where visitors feel at home and leave with happy memories.

The head of the Wedding Industries Association of Uttar Pradesh, Manish Agarwal, welcomed the visitors and expressed the hope that increased tourism facilities will result in Agra becoming a center for destination weddings.

Avinash Chandra, joint director (tourism), UP, urged the people of Agra to actively participate in turning the city into a popular location for destination weddings.

Source- Hindustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/lucknow-news/uttar-pradesh-aims-to-become-wedding-destination-100-old-forts-and-havelis-identified-as-possible-venues-in-agra-101693770024685.html


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