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According to Fadnavis, Navi Mumbai airport will be operational in 2019.

Devendra Fadnavis, the deputy chief minister of Maharashtra, announced to the state assembly on Friday that the Navi Mumbai airport would open for business in 2019.
In August of the following year, aircraft will depart from the airport, While responding to a discussion on a calling attention notice by Ashok Chavan of Congress and others on the current state of airports in the state, Fadnavis informed the legislative assembly.
Due to the allocated company’s failure to pay its debts, work at the airports in Nanded and Latur has been suspended, he said.
Later, Fadnavis tweeted about other airports in the state: “Navi Mumbai airport will start operating next year. The construction of the airport in Nanded and Latur has stopped. The business that received the work hasn’t made the required payments. We will consider the advocate general’s view and move this project along quickly.

“An authority will be formed for proper airport management, and a decision will be taken within 3 months,” he stated. At the Shirdi airport, a terminal building worth Rs 650 crore is being built, according to Fadnavis.

These actions, according to him, are intended to improve Maharashtra’s air connectivity and infrastructure, which will aid in the state’s overall growth and development.
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