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A police check is required to verify a passport.

A Government Resolution (GR) mandated by the Mumbai state home department requires police officers to visit the houses of Indian passport applicants to confirm their identification and prevent illegal immigrants from getting Aadhaar and PAN cards. Concerns regarding organized gangs engaging in anti-Indian acts prompted the action.

Mumbai: The state home department on Monday issued a Government Resolution (GR) requiring police officials to visit the homes of Indian passport applicants in their jurisdiction in order to complete the verification process. This was done out of concern that illegal immigrants might obtain Aadhaar and PAN cards to obtain Indian passports. Despite the fact that the regulation is not new, the GR emphasizes its stricter application to reduce the threat of organized gangs obtaining Aadhaar and PAN cards unlawfully in order to obtain Indian passports and engage in anti-Indian actions.

The state government has been made aware of this by a number of federal entities.

To ensure that a passport is not issued to a non-Indian, the police will conduct a background check for criminal records. Each verification must also include an obligatory visit to the applicant’s house.

Source- Hindustan times

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