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When the projected 3.7-km-long flyover between Chowk and Charbagh, proposed by the state bridge corporation, begins operating, the inconvenience of traveling from Charbagh to the Trauma Center of the King George’s Medical University will be history.

The flyover should cut the travel time from Charbagh to the Trauma Center to only ten minutes. (File)

The flyover should cut the travel time from Charbagh to the Trauma Center to only ten minutes. (File)

An official who is aware of the matter said that a survey for the three-lane flyover on the stretch has already been finished.

The flyover would also connect areas like Raja Bazar, Naka Hindola, Pandeyganj, and Rakabganj that are frequently still congested with traffic and encroachment. “Vehicles attempting to get to the medical college are snarled in gridlock for hours. Because of this, the U.P. State Bridge Corporation has suggested building a flyover from Charbagh to Chowk, according to Diwakar Tripathi, Rajnath Singh’s official representative and MP for Lucknow.

There is a chance that the flyover’s construction would start shortly, Tripathi continued. The UP State Bridge Corporation has prepared a proposal for the three-lane flyover that costs 344.20 crore on the government’s orders. This proposal will now be handed to the public works department for clearance.


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Tripathi claimed that he has received numerous messages from residents asking for action to reduce traffic jams on the stretch. The flyover should cut the travel time from Charbagh to the Trauma Center to only ten minutes.

A company representative added: “Planning has been made to shift water and sewer pipelines, as well as electric poles and wires. No-objection certifications must be obtained from the irrigation department because a canal runs close to Pan Dariba (Charbagh) and the railways since there is a railway crossing close to Rakabganj.

Source- hindustan times


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