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At a celebration held at the State Food Craft Institute in Itanagar by the Ministry of Tourism and the Arunachal Pradesh Tourism Department, the Yuva Tourism Club was introduced by Swapnil Naik, the secretary of tourism for the state of Arunachal Pradesh, according to AIR. The Yuva tourist Club is a project of the Ministry of Tourism to foster and grow young tourist ambassadors. It seeks to prepare these young ambassadors to act as a catalyst for promoting Indian tourism.

Speaking to media representatives on the occasion, the secretary revealed that PM Narendra Modi’s idea for the Yuva Tourism Club is currently operating all throughout India. According to him, the purpose of this club is to cultivate in the students an appreciation for tourism as a whole, which involves initially exposing them to the local culture and other things. According to Naik, the campaign begins in the sixth grade and lasts all the way through college. According to him, the goal of this effort is to turn club members into ambassadors for the state and for tourism everywhere they travel. Additionally, he disclosed that Arunachal Pradesh has 135 Yuva Tourism Clubs with more than 5,000 members.
Source- Travel biz
Link- https://travelbizmonitor.com/arunachal-pradesh-launches-yuva-tourism-club/


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