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According to sources, the Andheri-Churchgate slow line may eventually see the introduction of 15-car rakes, initially from Andheri to Bandra or Dadar and then further south in Mumbai: The Western Railway (WR) has commenced an investigation to see whether the Andheri-Churchgate slow line could accommodate 15-car trains. Although trains on this line now consist of twelve cars, the addition of three coaches will allow 1200–1500 commuters to board during peak hours, increasing the overall occupancy rate by 25%. There are currently 14 rakes (each with 15 cars) operating 199 daily services on the Churchgate-Virar route.

Earlier this month, WR officials started evaluating the slow line on the Churchgate-Virar route. We aim to investigate the feasibility of operating 15-car trains on this line, as well as the amount of work necessary to do so, such as extending the platforms and rearranging the signaling and associated equipment. We will be able to move the strategy forward after all of this is finished, a senior WR official stated. According to sources, 15-car rakes might be gradually added to the Andheri-Churchgate slow line, starting from Andheri and going southward to Bandra or Dadar.

The slow line extension will help commuters who want to go at least as far into central Mumbai. Several elements will be taken into account, so we will have to wait and see how the study turns out,” another WR official stated.

According to transportation experts, the study needs to take into account both planned and current metro lines in addition to modifications to the city’s commuter patterns.

“The proposed carrying capacity of the future metro routes, along with other details, should be considered in the study.” Route duplication or even increasing the capacity of local trains should only be undertaken when absolutely necessary. Offices are currently moving out of town and into the suburbs. Before deciding on a strategy, the railways must take into account several travel characteristics, according to Mumbai Mobility Forum member AV Shenoy.

The experts added that although Dadar is a significant and historic hub linking the Central and Western lines, the Bandra Kurla Complex has grown into a significant business and commercial center, and any proposals for capacity augmentation needs to take these developments into account.

Source- Hindustan times


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