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Recent workshops on sustainable tourism, best practices in the hospitality industry, and evaluation were held by Chhattisgarh Tourism and TOFTigers. All interested parties, including lodging providers, travel agencies, and NGOs, were invited to the all-day session.

Chitrarekha Sahu, vice chairman of the Chhattisgarh Tourism Board, and Anil Kumar Sahu, MD, launched the workshop. Also present was Atal Srivastava, chairman of the Chhattisgarh Tourism Board, who commented, “It was a good platform to get all stakeholders together, to think of ways in which sustainable Tourism can grow in the state and create livelihood opportunities for the locals.” The session was held in Raipur’s illustrious New Circuit House. Its purpose was to raise awareness of how crucial environmentally and culturally responsible tourism practices are to protecting both. Participants had enlightening conversations and learned useful information on adopting sustainable initiatives inside their individual organizations.

Ritu Makhija, TOFTigers Director of Sustainability, and Chindu Chandran, a Research Scholar and Member of the TOFTigers Green Team, spoke at the workshop. They imparted their knowledge and experiences, offering helpful advice and case studies of productive sustainable tourism initiatives. In their presentations, they addressed the integration of sustainable practices into the hotel sector and the critical role that certification plays in promoting ethical travel.

The session’s overwhelming success was noted by Anil Kumar Sahu, MD of Chhattisgarh Tourism, who said, “We are happy with the success of this workshop and the level of participation displayed by the participants. We are developing a responsible tourist culture that will ultimately help Chhattisgarh’s tourism economy by gathering industry professionals and advocating sustainable practises.

The event’s extensive schedule included panel talks, interactive seminars, and several networking opportunities. In pursuit of sustainable tourism practices, it offered attendees the perfect forum to network with like-minded experts, share ideas, and create beneficial collaborations. The star of the cooking competition show MasterChef on Plus TV and well-known chef Vijay Sharma also took part in the class. He discussed the value of millet and nutritious foods. Additionally, he served the attendees Kodo Kheer, a unique millet-based delicacy.

“Chhattisgarh Tourism remains steadfastly committed to promoting responsible and sustainable tourism, ensuring the preservation of the state’s rich cultural heritage and pristine natural landscapes,” said Dr. Shubdha Chaturvedi, Head of Communications and Marketing & Promotions. In addition, TOFTigers continue to play a crucial role in promoting and encouraging ethical tourism behavior, helping to conserve animals and preserve forests all across the Indian subcontinent.
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