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The “Shinon Meeras,” the Shina Cultural Center, which was created and constructed by the Indian Army and district administration, was opened by Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha.
Manoj Sinha, the lieutenant governor of Jammu and Kashmir, stated on Monday that 35,000 visitors visited Gurez this year despite the attractive location having undergone numerous modifications over the previous three years.

Sinha opened the “Shinon Meeras,” the Shina Cultural Center that had been created and curated by the Indian Army and the local government.

The L-G stated that the center is an homage to conserve and promote the creative heritage of the Dard-Shin tribal people and to give a glimpse of its rich culture to the world, adding that it is India’s first museum dedicated to the community and traces the development of Shina culture, languages, and way of life.

Sinha discussed the initiatives taken by the UT administration to promote Gurez’s inclusive development.

In order for new commercial operations to succeed, he stated, “our focus is to strengthen physical infrastructure, ensure skilled manpower, and provide a conducive environment.”

“The tourism industry has grown significantly. As opposed to 700 to 800 visitors annually, 35,000 had come to the area as of August 15.\

Confident that travel warnings against J&K will be lifted by other nations

Sinha recently expressed his confidence that the United States and European countries will soon remove their travel warnings for the area.

He claimed that in order to promote tourism in the area, the administration is seeking these countries to rescind the travel warning against Kashmir. He claimed that because they have more money to spend, overseas visitors help the economy.

“1.27 crore tourists, including international visitors, have so far visited J&K. Foreign travelers have increased by 59%. The G20 conference aided in promoting J&K internationally. The attendees of the G20 tourism working group meeting in May in Srinagar came away feeling optimistic. J&K is being known as a tranquil, scenic location.

A significant improvement is the 5 million tourists who have visited Kashmir in the past 18 months. 3.65 lakh Amarnath pilgrims were among the nearly 2.5 million visitors who visited Kashmir last year.

The time has come to lift the restriction, according to Umar Nazir Tibet Baqal, joint secretary general of the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI), who also owns a travel agency.

“This will promote more tourism in the area. Few visitors currently travel to Kashmir.

Tourism expert Shanawaz Ahmad claimed that visitors and delegates from other countries have more spending power. They make large purchases, such as pashmina shawls, regional crafts, adventure travel, and shikara rides. If these warnings are dropped, Kashmir will turn into Geneva for our nation.

Source- Hindustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/bhopal-news/35000-tourists-visit-gurez-in-jammu-and-kashmir-lieutenant-governor-confident-travel-advisories-will-be-lifted-101693250444433.html


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