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Why is the renovation of Badlapur Station taking so long?

Here’s why it’s taking so long to modernize Badlapur station. While construction on the home platform is almost finished, work is now underway to build a two-deck station. However, the task is anticipated to be finished quickly. The railroads have been constructing a new platform at the Badlapur station in order to transform the current platform into a double discharge one. According to officials, the platform is typically 270 meters long, of which around 90 meters belong to the railroads and another 95 meters to private parties. 

The remaining 85 m of property was held by the local city authority, and its acquisition was delayed since the private party land had already been purchased.

 Additionally, there were public services like car stands and a few stores, the owners and operators of which had mounted a resistance. The railroads have started the process of upgrading the station into a two-deck one in order to accommodate the growing people now that the initially anticipated construction is at an advanced stage.

A Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC) employee gave the following explanation of the Badlapur construction process: “The Badlapur home platform and one 6 m wide foot overbridge construction was underway under trespass control measures. On December 24, 2022, the 6-meter-wide foot overbridge was finished and made available to the public.

 Local civic land was needed for the house platform’s development. Due to complaints by rickshaw drivers who wished to keep the rickshaw stand in its current position, the handover of the long-pending case was postponed. The issue was resolved, and the plot of property was turned over to MRVC in November 2022, following several discussions and assistance from the local member of parliament Kapil Patil.

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