Why are passengers better off now that Air India and Vistara have an interline agreement?

The interline collaboration between Air India and Vistara will make it easier for customers to switch between the two airlines’ flight schedules. Through this collaboration, travellers can now get their boarding passes and luggage checked through to their final destinations at their initial point of departure.

According to the news release, Inter Airline Through Check-in (IATCI) implementation is part of the deal between the two airlines.  

Each airline has the ability to transfer domestic and international customers to the other in the event of a flight disruption because to an Interline Considerations on Irregular Operations (IROPs) agreement signed last year. Since they’ve worked out an agreement, airport staff from both airlines can offer passengers seats on the first available flight if they miss their original flight. There was a two-year deal between Air India and AirAsia India that was identical to the one that just ended.

We are happy at our interline agreement with Vistara, which will bring better connection and convenience to our joint customers travelling within and outside of India on both our expanding route networks’, said Campbell Wilson, CEO & MD, Air India. 

He explained, “Our shared dedication to exemplary safety and service to our customers is the foundation of this collaboration.” We’re excited to provide more flights to the Americas, Europe, the Far East, Australia, and the Middle East on behalf of Vistara.

Our longstanding dedication to provide our clients with the best and most hassle-free transoceanic flight options is reflected in our relationship. Vinod Kannan, CEO of Vistara, is overjoyed to deepen the airline’s partnership with Air India and provide service to more locations on Air India’s extensive route map.

AI already has over a hundred partnerships and close to fifty through check-in agreements with partner airlines around the world including Lufthansa, United Airlines, Air Canada, and Singapore Airlines.

In September of last year, Air India devised a five-year goal under its transformation plan Vihaan.AI to increase market share by at least 30 percent. The five-year plan calls for the airline to prioritise sustainable growth, profitability, and market leadership while also considerably expanding its foreign route network.

After 69 years as a state-owned firm and the country’s primary airline, Air India was sold to the Tata Group in January 2022 as part of a government-led strategic divestment initiative.

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