– by Yashdeep Malik

Actually this is a very common question we at Starfish Travel Co keep on receiving from our clients. They will come to us with “I would really love to see Eiffel tower or leaning tower of Pisa but I am not sure they’ll offer me a visa, what should I do?” Although we advice after studying the profile of the traveler/applicant but still there are many things one can do as we update his information. Also note all these updates are also posted at SFTC.com’s blogs.

First is to never believe that there are actually easy Schengen countries which will offer you a visa without any effort. All Schengen countries follows a common appendix of visa regulations which we keep on updating to our Starfish Travel’s clients through social media networks at SFTC.com. It is very important that all the necessary documents are complete before filing an application because incomplete profile is a sure shot recipe of disaster.

A complete profile with all financial papers including updated professional proofs. Income certificates will definitely prove your point (if they are up to it, of course!). Next thing is to make sure your travel documents are also complete. Our team at Starfish Travel have seen many clients coming to us with refusal letters due to some “errors” they did which they didn’t know. Yes its not surprising it keeps on happening more often. A travel itinerary should include your day with summary, yes summary, not just a word. Mention your intended travel plan with thorough details so that officials can see what would you do while in their country.

Next is your flight details and proofs of accommodations. We do agree and we have also posted in SFTC.com blog’s in past that it is true some countries may ask for a confirmed reservation at some sort of time in some particular cases but overwhelming majority of cases do not require confirmed reservations of any sort. It’s an individual’s choice to follow. Attach your flight details with dates along with hotel reservation proofs where you are going to stay while in that country. All visa services are available in this website at visa section.

If you need our assistance then simply call/WhatsApp us at 9810141140 or email to us at info@sftc.in for one of the best filing assistance in the world.

Hope you get the point that it’s the file and profile of the traveler which makes the visa “easy” and not the other way round. Thank you and all the best for your future endeavors.

Disclaimer: Please excuse for grammatical errors (if any).

Yashdeep Malik is an immigration specialist and holds expertise in various visa categories and visa codes of EEA countries, NATO & commonwealth states, is currently associated with Starfish Corporation.

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