You are currently viewing UPSRTC is prepared to teach the third and second groups of female drivers.

UPSRTC is prepared to teach the third and second groups of female drivers.

The UP State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) is preparing to schedule training sessions for the state’s second and third groups of female highway bus drivers.

A government spokesman stated here on Monday that “chief minister Yogi Adityanath had handed over the command of UPSRTC buses to the women drivers in Ayodhya during Sharadiya Navratri.”

Consequently, actions are being taken to hasten their development and empowerment. March 8, 2021, marked the start of the first group of women’s training, he continued.

The Model Driving Training and Research Institute in Kanpur will train the second and third groups of female drivers. Both the Level-3 and Level-4 courses for commercial vehicle drivers and light motor vehicle drivers will be offered to the female drivers.

Following training, the Skill Development Mission will evaluate the outcome of an evaluation conducted by the Sector Skill Council ASDC Delhi.

The Commercial Vehicle Driver Level-4 course will require 400 hours (four months) of instruction for qualified candidates. There will be 17 months of training in the depot following completion of both courses, the official said.

Following the completion of the 24-month training program, candidates will be given the responsibility of driving pink buses as contract drivers at the depot.

There will be 27 applicants in the approaching second batch; of these, 15 have already completed their registrations, and the remaining 12 have not yet completed their training at the institute.

Source- Hindustan times

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