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  • ‘Unaccompanied minors’ traveling on domestic and international flights would now be eligible for a special service, according to AirAsia India and Air India Express.

Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) service, a dedicated and secure travel option for child travelers between the ages of five (5) and twelve (12) years, is now available on all direct routes with Air India Express and AirAsia India. The service, which was previously only available on foreign flights, has been improved and made available on domestic flights as well, giving parents and guardians the assurance that their children will receive special attention throughout their trip and will enjoy themselves. Bookings for the Unaccompanied Minor service start at 5,000 on the airline’s website, airindiaexpress.com, or at the airport sales counters.

Young travelers will receive committed help and be individually welcomed by airline workers in the terminal before to airport security checks. They will also receive assistance throughout all required travel formalities at the airport. The parent or guardian must accompany the child to the airport and arrive at least two hours before to the scheduled departure time for domestic flights. A valid photo identity document is necessary for both the child and the parent or guardian upon departure and arrival for verification. The youngster will be accompanied and helped by airline personnel through the arrivals procedure at the airport until they are securely reunited with their parent or guardian.

Ankur Garg, Chief Commercial Officer, commented on the launch by saying, “We’re continuously searching for ways to improve our clients’ travel experiences. With the expansion of Unaccompanied Minor services to all of our domestic routes, we hope to give young adventurers flying alone a relaxing and pleasant flight experience. We place a high priority on the safety of our young passengers, and our committed crew will make sure that their trip is smooth and secure from check-in to arrival.

In the lead-up to their merger, Air India Express and AIX Connect offered a variety of linked products and services, with the unaccompanied minor services being the most recent. The airlines are well known for providing a delectable selection of oven-hot meals under the ‘Gourmair’ in-flight dining brand, including kids’ meals, healthy, vegan, and Jain alternatives, MasterChef Specials, regional favorites, all-day breakfast, seasonal fruits, lite bites, and irresistible desserts.

Young passengers will also enjoy the airline’s Airflix in-flight entertainment hub. For young passengers, AirFlix offers a variety of tailored options, like as games, ed-tech content, articles, and much more, to keep them occupied during their flight.
Source- Travel daily
Link- https://www.traveldailymedia.com/airasia-india-and-air-india-express-announce-a-special-service-for-unaccompanied-minors-travelling-on-domestic-and-international-flights/


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