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  • Trishul Buildtech receives approval from the Goa Cabinet to maintain Panaji Park.

The Goa Cabinet has given its approval for the State Tourism Department to choose Trishul Buildtech and Infrastructures Pvt Ltd to build, run and manage “Panaji Park,” which will bring in INR 63 lakh in yearly licence fees for the department.

Mandovi Hotels Pvt Ltd. leased the riverfront property. The lessee neglected to turn over the property at the end of the lease arrangement, so the Goa Tourism Department reclaimed ownership of it last year and sealed it. Both parties pursued legal action, and on April 1st, the case was eventually resolved and the order to evacuate the property was upheld, according to the Cabinet note.

Trishul Buildtech and Infrastructures Pvt Ltd was chosen as the successful bidder during the tender process to pick a qualified bidder to construct, run, and manage the premises. The state government was then requested to approve the file administratively.
Source- Travel biz
Link- https://travelbizmonitor.com/goa-cabinet-approves-bidder-trishul-buildtech-to-maintain-panaji-park/


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