Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Travelling through time Ottoman relics in Jaffa's Old City

With a possible age of 4,000 years, Jaffa may be the oldest port city in the world. It became a commercial and cultural hub, as is typical of ancient port cities around the world. Everywhere you look, you’ll find a church, gallery, museum, souvenir booth, alley with its own story, or busy port.

Your first stop in Jaffa should be at the lookout point with the black cannon. To protect Jaffa from both land-based Bedouin raids and maritime pirate attacks, the Ottomans sent in cast iron cannons in the early 18th century. Jaffa Port excavations uncovered the cannons.
The church of St. Peter stands as a prominent landmark in the area. In 1894, construction was finished on the existing church building. According to the New Testament, Saint Peter stayed in Jaffa at the home of Simon the tanner before travelling to the shore of Caesarea to preach the gospel.


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