Travel Fact For Russia !!!

The new day with the new travel fact. The fact which we are sharing with you travelers is about the railways in Russia. The capital is Moscow. The longest railway on the planet. The actual length of the Trans-Siberian Railway is 9288.2 km or 5772 miles. Trans-Siberian Railroad is known by the Trans-Siberian Railway, the longest single rail system in the world, stretching 5,771 miles (9,288 km) across Russia between Moscow and Vladivostok. If you people want to visit Russia then firstly , apply a valid visa . When its approved then book whole package and visit the country. These daily facts are shown for your knowledge. We Starfish Travel Corporation are available for your help , feel free to reach us. For Visa and Package Assistance , contact or WhatsAppp us at +91 9810141140.

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