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To Start Operations Again on May 27? Pilots are being urged to enrol in a “refresher course” as of right now

According to sources, Go First Airlines may restart operations on May 27 since pilots are being requested to enrol in “refresher courses” starting on Thursday. They also mentioned that operations may start with less than ten planes.

The business document, which was reported in an article in the Economic Times, stated that since the pilots haven’t been in the air since May 3, a refresher course is required.

According to the report’s sources, the airline has been developing a plan to return with 20 aircraft but a scaled-back business. The airline’s 27 aircraft were in service as of May 2. At Delhi’s and Mumbai’s major airports, it has 51 and 37 departure slots, respectively. There is a plan to restore operations as soon as possible, although on a shortened schedule, according to a source.

All of the airline’s flights up until May 26 have been cancelled, citing operational needs. The airlines have previously cancelled flights up until May 19. We regret to inform you that Go First flights scheduled to depart till May 26, 2023, have been cancelled for operational reasons. Go First apologises for any inconvenience caused by cancelled flights.

The airline promised that it would soon give a complete refund to the original form of payment. We are committed to you all the assistance we can, it said, “We acknowledge the airline cancellations may have disturbed your vacation arrangements.

The business has submitted a request for urgent settlement of its financial difficulties and restoration of its operations. “We’ll soon be ready to accept reservations again. We appreciate your patience, the airline continued.

The airline was previously given the go-ahead to immediately halt ticket sales by the civil aviation authority, the DGCA, and was served with a show-cause notice for failing to deliver prompt and dependable services. “The airline will have to submit a resumption plan to DGCA which will include the total number of aircraft and the destinations it intends to operate,” a government official stated.


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