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Following the suspension of flights by crisis-hit Go First, the government has reportedly instructed airlines to practise restraint and guarantee a balance in price of plane tickets.

Even if there are no plans to control airline prices, the official did say that there shouldn’t be a huge price difference between the cheapest and most expensive tickets.

Even though the coronavirus epidemic had a major impact on domestic passenger traffic, it has been on the rise in recent years, making India one of the world’s fastest-growing civil aviation economies.

There has been a considerable increase in rates on some routes previously serviced by budget airline Go First since it ceased operations on May 3 due to financial difficulties. Delhi to Srinagar and Delhi to Pune are two of the routes available. In addition, the upcoming peak domestic air travel period coincides with the loss in capacity brought on by the Go First situation.

According to the senior civil aviation ministry official, airlines have been advised to “exercise moderation” and “maintain some kind of balance” while setting ticket prices.

Under the condition of anonymity, a government official stated that there must be a significant price differential between the cheapest and most expensive fares, and that passengers should not be subjected to unduly high prices.

According to the official, there are currently no plans to implement any sort of airfare regulation.

SOURCE :- https://newstodaynet.com/2023/05/20/airlines-told-to-exercise-moderation-in-pricing-tickets-amid-hike/


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