Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

These Amazing Overnight Trains in Europe are Much More Affordable than Flying

Don’t count on flying this summer if you and your loved ones plan to see a lot of Europe.

New studies show that using a train can be cheaper than flying, making it a popular choice among eco-friendly holidaymakers.

By taking the train, you can avoid the hassle of airport lines and peak-season crowds.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to flying, consider taking a train around Europe.

The cost of overnight rail travel can be reduced.
In their latest investigation, Which? Family and group trips to Europe have been found to be more cost-effective when taking sleeper trains rather than taking a series of shorter flights.

According to the study’s calculations, a family of four can save nearly £100 ($125) by taking a sleeper train, while a bigger family can save more than £250 ($313).

How to save money on a vacation by using a sleeper train
Which? compared the prices of taking three European and two British sleeper routes to those of taking a plane.

The company looked at the cheapest private compartment from Paris to Vienna, Brussels to Vienna, and London to Berlin in the first week of August and compared it to the lowest flight and cheapest hotel room available in those cities.



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