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  • There are about 40 tourist attractions in Ayodhya.

Apart from the much-discussed Ram temple, over 40 tourist destinations have reportedly been identified and proposed in Ayodhya under a master plan, with a projected daily visitor footfall of 3 lakh people by 2051, according to Dikshu C. Kukreja, managing principal at CP Kukreja Architects.

Two years ago, CP Kukreja Architects, Lea Associates, located in Canada, and L&T were chosen to create a master blueprint plan for Ayodhya. The master plan was delivered by CP Kukreja Architects in January of last year. The business said that it is in consultation with the Ayodhya Development Authority regarding the execution of the masterplan’s phase-by-phase development. “More than 40 tourism spots have been identified and are being developed under the plan, and the work for them will be carried out in phases,” he claimed.

The Sarayu Riverfront will also be renovated, according to Kukreja, along with a number of other public amenities, street furniture, and the ‘pedestrianisation’ of roads. International museums that represent the city’s rich cultural legacy have been planned, along with a tourism facilitation facility with 115 keys and six Dharamshalas that can hold 7200 beds, he said.

“The suggested lodging alternatives would be conveniently located near several well-known tourist hotspots. The tourist nodes would be close to the Dharamshalas and the tourism facilitation facility because the places are being constructed to be vehicle-free, he continued. According to Kukreja, the company has concentrated on the city’s historical treasures and has renovated and redeveloped them along with the temple-filled central city regions. The city’s architectural heritage of temples served as inspiration for the redevelopment, which used sustainable building techniques and integrated a similar design language.

Kukreja emphasised the significance of preserving the destination’s uniqueness. “Consider a traveller visiting Ayodhya from Kanyakumari. Metro lines would not be desired by them. They are not seeking for that kind of character. They ought to be dispersed. In order to make the destination self-sufficient and hospitable, planners had to be aware of its cultural value. We didn’t want to create an experience like the Taj Mahal because of how crazy traffic and transportation can be there. Ayodhya is capable of becoming a world-class city, and by that I don’t only mean a virtual one but one that honours its historical significance and offers residents unforgettable experiences. Additionally, we must guarantee the comfort of Ayodhya’s citizens, he continued.
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Link- https://travelbizmonitor.com/over-40-tourist-spots-identified-in-ayodhya/


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