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We feel your financial anguish if you’ve tried to book a flight for summer vacation this year. After the pandemic’s height, a surge in tourism caused prices to skyrocket, thus tourists are trying to cut costs everywhere they can.

You should also realise that the price of flights has increased everywhere, but some locations more than others. For 2023, CheapAir.com analysed 128 million airfares from various cities around the United States and has released their findings. The researchers used data analysis to determine which cities experienced the largest percentage increases in airline costs. However, it appears that no one is safe, since the study found that airfares have increased by an average of 17% over the previous year.

It appears that the growth is more dramatic the smaller the city is. Five of the airports with the highest percentage increases in airfare were found to be located in smaller cities. However, that’s for a good cause. Less flights on fewer carriers entail greater prices in smaller cities than in larger ones because there is less competition and fewer options.

Below are the top 10 US cities where fares will increase the most in 2023:

1. Flint, Michigan: 35% increase in airfare
2. Akron, Ohio: 32% increase in airfare
3. Dayton, Ohio: 30% increase in airfare
4. Greensboro, North Carolina: 28% increase in airfare
5. Tucson, Arizona: 25% increase in airfare
6. Burbank, California: 24% increase in airfare
7. Miami, Florida: 23% increase in airfare
8. San Juan, Puerto Rico: 23% increase in airfare
9. Fort Myers, Florida: 22% increase in airfare
10. Minneapolis, Minnesota: 22% increase in airfare

SOURCE :- https://www.thrillist.com/news/nation/us-cities-highest-flight-price-increases-ranked


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