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  • The Swiss Embassy makes it clear that appointments with Indian tour groups will not be suspended.

In a statement, the Swiss Embassy in New Delhi made it clear that it has not stopped scheduling appointments for Indian tour groups seeking Schengen visas and will continue to schedule around 800 appointments every day through the end of September 2023. According to the mission, human interaction is the basis of Swiss-Indian ties.

“The Swiss Embassy in India processed more visa applications in 2023 than it did in 2019.” Our degree of processing has improved from the pre-pandemic era. We processed 129,446 applications from January through June, up from 120,071 during the same time in 2019—a 7.8% increase. To further simplify the visa application procedure for Indian candidates, the following changes have been in place since the start of this year, the statement continued.

In contrast to the past, applicants can now submit their visa applications six months before their intended departure date. So, it was added, a person who wanted to travel in June might already apply for a visa in January.

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