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  • The pace of hiring at Air India will continue till 2023.

50 pilots and 550 members of the cabin crew are hired each month, according to CEO Campbell Wilson of Air India. Wilson also stated that by the end of the year, Air India hopes to have six wide-body A350 aircraft in its fleet, according to Mint.

Since taking over the airline from the Indian Government, Tata Group has implemented a number of strategies to improve the situation of the loss-making carrier, including placing the largest order for 470 aircraft and increasing foreign operations.

“In the case of pilots, it is about five times and in the case of cabin crew members, it is about ten times on an annual rate of the pre-privatised airline,” he said in an interview with news agency PTI in the nation’s capital.

He predicts that this hiring pace will last for the majority of this year, fall off by the end of this year, and then pick up speed again towards the end of 2024. “It” (hiring pace) “will coincide with aircraft introduction”

Wilson stated that they are also mindful of the consolidation that is subject to regulatory approvals in light of the process of combining Air India Express and AirAsia India (now known as AIX Connect) and Vistara with Air India.

Wilson estimated that the total number of employees across all four airlines would be close to 20,000, excluding any new hires made as part of the growth strategy.

Wilson informed the staff earlier this month that since the beginning of this year, Air India and Air India Express have hired more than 3,900 personnel, including more than 500 pilots and 2,400 cabin crew members.

Around July or August, the first narrow-body aircraft will be introduced. Regarding the introduction plans for the record order for 470 planes placed earlier this year, Wilson stated that the first wide-body aircraft (A350) will arrive around October.

Air India now has 122 aircraft and is growing its fleet. By the end of this year, the airline hopes to have six A350 and eight B777 aircraft. The carrier has leased 9 B777 aircraft thus far.

Air India stated in February that it would enter into separate agreements to purchase 220 aircraft from US aircraft manufacturer Boeing and 250 aircraft from European aviation giant Airbus, including 40 wide-body A350 jets.

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