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  • The NRAI Indian Restaurant Summit 2023 will take place from September 21–22.

The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) is preparing to hold the historic NRAI Indian Restaurant Summit 2023 on September 21 and 22, in the dynamic city of Kolkata, in a resounding testament to India’s developing culinary scene. This confluence of industry titans, innovative business leaders, and culinary trailblazers will definitely be remembered as a watershed event that changed the course of the restaurant sector on the subcontinent.

The NRAI Indian Restaurant Summit 2023 is more than just a conference; it serves as a rallying cry for the country to acknowledge the crucial role that the restaurant industry plays in India’s quickly changing economic landscape. Over the course of two days, this landmark conference will bring together more than 60 senior speakers from over 1000 restaurants around the country to inspire the way forward.

The summit’s first day begins with an insightful panel discussion titled “Building a Brand for India versus Bharat: How Is It Different?” Industry titans will gather to discuss the subtleties of developing brands that appeal to both urban and rural consumers.

“Food is theater in the age of Instagram. Is dining out intended to be an experience or centered about food? a freshly developed Big Fight structure including two sets of illustrious leaders, one for the motion and the other. It will be discussed and traditional assumptions will be questioned as to how cuisine and spectacle have converged in the Instagram era.

The day comes to a close with discussions on how important data is to managing a restaurant business, how Indian restaurants have changed over time, and another passionate discussion on the “Make in India vs. Made in India” controversy, which will undoubtedly influence the future of culinary entrepreneurship in our country. The Summit is aimed at “Enlightening & Inspiring” the fraternity as we prepare to create experience in the new convergent world, and it includes Knowledge Sessions and a Variety of Workshops.

On day two, the NRAI will have its annual general meeting, which is expected to reveal further details on how the Indian restaurant industry will develop in the future. The summit’s goal is to elevate the restaurant business as a catalyst for economic growth, and discussions and workshop sessions will provide practical advice on funding, culinary innovation, compliance, technology, and franchising. The day will begin with a Key Note speech from industry icon and pioneering Indian chef Shri Sanjeev Kapoor.

Kabir Suri, President & Founder of Azure Hospitality, continued, “Crucially, the NRAI summit seeks to mobilize government support for streamlining the restaurant industry landscape, realizing its potential as an essential pillar of the country’s economic success. The Government’s GST Input and the creation of a single window for licenses are the main agenda items for this summit.

The NRAI Indian Restaurant Summit 2023 calls on every citizen to take part in this crucial discussion as Bharat sits at the fork in the path of the culinary renaissance. It reflects optimism, aspiration, and a steadfast dedication to bringing about a better future for the country.

Vice President of NRAI and creator of Wow! Momo Sagar J. Daryani stated that “NRAI’s single-minded aim has been to be inclusive & give value to as many members as possible around the country. We have developed nearly 21 important chapters across the nation over the past two years, and we are steadily trying to expand the industry learnings outside of Delhi & Mumbai alone. The previous summit was held in Hyderabad, this one in Kolkata, and moving forward, we’ll do significant events in cities like Chennai, Bengaluru, or, for that matter, Bhopal, etc.

Let this summit serve as a rallying cry that unites us all in the pursuit of a flourishing India. You have the opportunity to participate in the discussion that will determine the direction of the restaurant sector at this conference. The NRAI Indian Restaurant Summit 2023 invites foodies, businesspeople, and industry experts to participate in this extraordinary occasion.
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