You are currently viewing TajSATS and Noida International Airport are collaborating to construct a cutting-edge in-flight culinary

TajSATS and Noida International Airport are collaborating to construct a cutting-edge in-flight culinary

A concession deal was struck by Noida International Airport (NIA) and TajSATS, the leading in-flight catering company in India, for the construction of an in-flight kitchen facility. The new greenfield airport near Jewar, called Noida International Airport, would improve access to and from Western Uttar Pradesh, Delhi NCR, and Noida.

“The pace of addition of airports in India, which include marquee developments such as Noida International Airport, present a tremendous growth opportunity for airline catering,” remarked Manish Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, TajSATS, during his remarks at the occasion. We are thrilled that TajSATS and NIA have teamed up on this esteemed endeavor. Using its four decades of experience, TajSATS will deliver a premium in-flight and lounge catering thanks to its strong network and market leadership. Given that this will be the region’s second plant, this signing enhances our position in Delhi NCR.

For a duration of 37 years, TajSATS will construct the In-Flight Kitchen facility using the design, finance, build, operate, and transfer (DBFOT) approach. Meal services for passengers and crew, handling of in-flight catering equipment, and meal loading and unloading will all fall under this authority.  

“We are pleased to welcome TajSATS to build and operate an in-flight kitchen at the Noida International Airport,” stated Christoph Schnellmann, CEO of the airport. This collaboration is a significant step forward for us in creating a cutting-edge, customer-focused dining experience for our patrons. We think that a memorable in-flight and airport experience includes meals. With their extensive expertise working with multiple airports, we believe TajSATS’s product will complement ours and give our clients a comprehensive, first-rate experience.

The cutting-edge kitchen, which will be well situated inside the airport and span 40,000 square feet, is initially designed to serve more than 15,000 meals every day. Additionally, the kitchen will be set up to cater to the airport’s surrounding food and beverage establishments as well as lounge areas. TajSATS will now have nine production sites in India after this plant is added.

Source- Travel daily

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